Project Description

Project Name
Abilene Station

Project Data
17 Acres with 5 pad sites for high density mixed-use buildings

Aurora, Colorado

Services Provided
Construction Administration for the infrastructure, streets, sewer, water, storm drainage and grading

Project Summary
We provided Construction Administration for this 17 acre TOD project located along the I-225 Light Rail line. Services provided include preparation of bid documents, review and selection of a contractor, coordinating work efforts of the contractor and the City inspectors for construction of public and private streets, water and sanitary sewer infrastructure, grading, erosion control and construction of a regional detention pond. A unique challenge on this project entailed massive amount of coordination with RTD as they were building the light rail along the frontage of this property at the same time as the site infrastructure. We also had to construct an at-grade crossing of a public street over the light rail that involved approvals from the Public Utilities Commission.